Cua Refinishing Co., Inc. FAQ's


What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. For your convenience, we have an available 24-hour drop-off / pick-up service.

Do I need to get three estimates?

No. This is an old myth that lives on, but it is not true. You may absolutely choose who fixes your vehicle. Regardless of who is paying for the repairs, it is your choice. Also, with current vehicle designs, it is nearly impossible to know exactly what repairs are necessary to properly fix your vehicle until after it has been carefully disassembled and analyzed. The disassembling and analytical process is the only method we can use to fully assess the damage. Remember, an estimate is not the final bill.

Does The Insurance Company Pay You Or Will They Pay Me?

Each insurance company is different. If you prefer to have payment sent
directly to the shop, just mention this when receiving your estimate and
we will coordinate payment with the insurance company.

Will it be cheaper if I don't have my insurance company pay for the repairs?

No. Contrary to popular belief, it is not more expensive if an insurance company pays for your repairs. Due to the computerized databases that many quality body shops utilize today, there isn't much of a difference between shops' offered prices. Therefore, quality is the deciding factor. That is why it is so important for you to pick the shop that makes you most comfortable.

Is a "dealer" shop better than an "independent" shop?

While there are a number of shops available, there are only a few that hold quality to such a high standard. Do not assume that all shops, even with similar prices, repair to the same standard. Only about 47% of dealers have a body shop, and that number continues to decline. Many dealers that do have a body shop rent their facility or are dependent upon a shop they have partnered with. They do not necessarily mention that to you, of course. An independent body shop does one thing: auto body repairs - leaving it to focus all attention on making proper, quality repairs. Dealer shops, however, are primarily in business to sell cars.

Is Your Shop Licensed? How Can I Verify?

Yes. Cua Refinishing Co. Inc. is licensed by the Ohio Board of Motor
Vehicle Collision Repair Registration. To verify this, you may use the online site of : then go to license verification. Our Certificate Number is: 44622005.

What is a "direct repair" shop or DRP?

A direct repair facility is a body shop that works directly with your insurance company as a perferred shop. Body shops earn the right to be in preferred shop programs by meeting certain requirements. These include having certified technicians, using the proper equipment, and most importantly, having a record of satisfied customers. For your convenience, when you use a preferred shop, the repair process is streamlined. You don't have to be hassled with getting estimates. A preferred shop actually writes the estimate, orders the parts, and repairs your vehicle without having to wait for an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies constantly moniter their preferred shops to ensure quality repairs. We are a preferred shop for many well-known insurance companies.

How do I benefit from doing business with your shop versus another?

We create extraordinary customer care experiences while providing solutions to your transportation problems. Our promise to you is simple: You will be satisfied. Our mission is quality, on time, every time, and our shop is certified with the Ohio Board of Motor Vehicles.

Can I get a ride home after I drop off my car?

Yes, we can accommodate you. We want each customer's visit to be a positive experience, and we always work diligently toward that goal.

How can I get a rental car?

If you need a rental car, we can help you make the necessary arrangements. Insurance companies will only pay for a rental car if you have that option on your policy. Check your policy and/or call your insurance agent to understand your policy's specific limitations. We provide free loaner cars if you don't have insurance rental coverage.

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?

We understand the importance of returning your vehicle to you in a timely manner. It is never easy to be without your vehicle, but we strive to make it as simple and hassle free as possible. Our commitment to state-of-the-art, updated equipment and systems permits us to repair vehicles faster than most other shops. Occasionally, delays occur by nature of unexpected complications during the repair process.

Can you match the paint color?

Today's modern factory applications incorporate multiple layers of highly specialized paints. We have strongly invested in the finest paint system available, and we continue to constantly upgrade our technology and equipment to ensure that each and every vehicle's paint matches to factory specifications. We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes as the final step in the restoration process. We have a down draft paint booth to achieve "factory reproduction" repairs of the utmost quality.

If my vehicle's frame is damaged, is it a total loss?

Absolutely not. A vehicle is a total loss only when the price of repairs exceeds the fair market value of your vehicle. Today, most vehicles are built using unibody (frame and body as one) construction. Our highly skilled technicians, with the aid of our state-of-the-art computerized measuring system, can return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. If it is determined that a frame section is bent beyond repair, that section can simply be replaced.

Will the parts be ordered before I drop off my vehicle for repair?

Absolutely. We generally order your vehicle's parts at the time we write the estimate and schedule your vehicle's repair, enabling us to provide a quicker turnaround time. Depending on what type of vehicle you have, it may take longer for the arrival of some parts.

Is there a warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?

Yes. Our warranty is simple with no fine print: Whatever you believe is wrong with the repairs we perform on your vehicle, we will fix FREE of charge as long as you own the vehicle.

To whom and when do I pay my deductible?

The amount of the deductible that you are responsible for is determined by your insurance policy. If you aren't sure of the amount, you can contact your insurance agent for clarification. The deductible is paid directly to the shop when the vehicle repairs are completed. We accept checks, cash or credit cards.

What are "Betterment" charges?

Parts that wear out with time and use but require replacement due to collision damage - such as batteries, tires, and suspension parts - are commonly subject to betterment charges. These betterment charges are determined by your insurance company and are pro-rated using the actual miles on your vehicle.

Can I wash my car?

We recommend for the first 30 days:
DO wash the vehicle by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash solution using a soft cloth or sponge. Always use clean, fresh water. Wash your vehicle in the shade. DO NOT use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes or sponges could mar the finish and damage the surface. Do not "dry wipe" your vehicle as this can scratch the finish. Do not drive on gravel roads. Chipping the finish is easily done in the first 30 days. Avoid parking under trees and utility lines that likely attract birds. Bird droppings have a high acid content and will damage a freshly painted surface. Also, tree sap can mar or spot a freshly painted surface. Do not spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, or windshield solvent on the new finish. Do not scrape ice or snow from the newly painted surface. Scrapers act like a paint scraper on a newly painted finish. Do not wax or polish the vehicle. Doing so will not allow the finish to dry and harden completely. After this time, we encourage you to wax your vehicle and return to normal maintenance procedures.